Material Integration and Reliability

Quality management for energy-efficient electronics and sensor technology

In Cool Silicon e. V., companies, research institutes and universities from Saxony, Germany and Europe jointly develop new solutions for reliable and energy-efficient electronics and sensor technology. In detail, the projects of the area "Material Integration and Reliability" deal with the performance and reliability optimization of microelectronic components and miniaturized sensors at the device, product and system level. Their goal: in the future both quality and energy efficiency should be determined in the design and selection process of technologies and materials for devices, products and systems.

Specific questions are:

  • Application of microelectronics in the "real world" (including extreme conditions)
  • Physical reliability vs system reliability
  • Integration of sensor technology and sensor electronics into safety-critical structures
  • Failure mechanisms, functional safety and reliability of safety-critical sensor components for use in tomorrow's production (Industry 4.0)
  • Monitoring of technical systems such as vehicles, airplanes, pipelines, wind turbines etc.
  • Energy supply of the sensors, low-dissipation electronics, energy harvesting
  • Integration of materials into components and systems - "Smart Materials", "Cognitive Materials"
  • Multi-scale modeling / simulation of performance and reliability of microelectronic components, including determination of accurate material parameters (DfM, DfR)
  • Validation and calibration of physical models for lifetime and reliability predictions
  • Investigation of reliability-limiting failure and fault mechanisms in microelectronic components and systems (including packaging, 3D integration, ...)
  • Development and use of process and quality control procedures
  • Training and education in the field of reliability engineering.

The department has set itself the goal of initiating and processing projects, especially for "Energy Efficiency Electronics / Sensors for the Mobility of the Future", whereby quality and reliability are the focus of the activities.

Ehrenfried Zschech |  Fraunhofer IKTS/ TU Dresden |