Micro- and Nanotechnologies

Technologies for energy-efficient computing plattforms

Within the leading-edge cluster Silicon Saxony, Saxon universities, research institutes and companies jointly develop new technologies for energy-saving computing platforms and electronic systems. The projects of the department "Micro- and Nanotechnologies" deal with the basic technologies for energy-efficient ICT products and their application in computers. Their goal: In the future, the IT industry ought to optimize not only the computing performance, but also the energy efficiency when designing individual components.

Energy consumption - macroscopic

Computers are becoming more and more powerful, but their energy consumption is also increasing with computing power. Experts have calculated: If a company invested $ 1 million in servers back in 2000, $ 43,000 a year were spent on operating these computers alone to pay for electricity. If a company invests the same amount today, 327,000 US dollars are already planned for energy consumption. This would mean that the energy costs would be as high as the original purchase price of the computers over a period of three years.

Energy consumption - microscopic

The energy consumption of computers has thus become a cost factor within a few years, which no company can neglect. The macroscopic energy consumption of the computers depends on the microscopic, meaning the basic technologies used. With these technologies, the trend of miniaturization has been ongoing for more than 50 years, with an increase in energy efficiency. For further years on this path, new technologies developed in Europe are available that allow the principle of further efficiency improvement. These energy saving technologies belong to the future. That is why researchers from Saxony want to bring these technologies to the market as quickly as possible. The collaborative projects are working to show that an enormous increase in computing power can be achieved with new technologies, even without additional energy consumption.

Cooperation of partners

Cool Silicon's partners develop basic technologies and new analytical and manufacturing methods for the production of energy-efficient electronics. They are laying the foundations for a sustainable solution to the growing demand for computers, devices and the increasing pervasiveness of computing units into almost every element of the daily use - from the intelligent toothbrush to self-driving cars and remote-controlled drones.

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