Cool X

"Cool X" - Energy in a Digital World

The Dresden Technical Collections and the leading-edge cluster Cool Silicon take all visitors on an exciting journey into the world of microelectronics. "Cool X" shows young and old the many exciting facets of the world of microelectronics and explains why mathematics, computer science, natural sciences such as physics and chemistry and technology are so important for our digital world.

The exhibition COOL X is an expedition to the world of micro- and nanoelectronics, casting a view of the next generation of energy-efficient information and communication technology. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to experience how a chip is produced and structured, and how researchers at the Saxon excellence cluster Cool Silicon seek to limit the dramatically increasing energy consumption by computers, cell phones and global information networks.  

Cool X asks: Are there limits to miniaturization? What does a Eurasian jay have to do with wireless networks? How much energy is in the air? And what can each individual contribute to saving the digital world from the energy collapse?

The exhibition was supported by the excellence cluster Cool Silicon and conceived together with scientists from the research projects.

It thus underlines the important role played by the companies and institutions located here in the global ICT industry. At the same time, the exhibition is continually updated and expanded by compiling the respective technical results of the cluster work into suitable exhibits.

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Cool X Exhibition Hours
Tuesday - Friday: 9 – 17 o'clock
Saturday, Sunday- und holidays: 10 – 18 o'clock

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