Lötpunkt AG

In the laboratory Lötpunkt AG in the Technische Sammlungen Dresden (Technical Collections Dresden), children from the sixth to the twelfth class can playfully explore microelectronics. When soldering electronic circuits, they learn that electronics do not necessarily have to be complicated. 

Since the introduction of the Lötpunkt AG into the Technische Sammlungen Dresden in 2012, the offer is regularly visited by 14-20 children per week. OnTuesdays the children can realize different soldering projects. One of the current projects is the construction of "Flying Umbrellas", which are equipped with a small LED, to illuminate the night sky. In addition to the AG, there is also an educational program, which can be booked by school classes. There they are familiarized with soldering in just 90 minutes and can build a small moisture meter.

In addition, the Lötpunkt AG is represented at special events of the Technische Sammlungen, whether at the Museum Night, the Long Night of Science, the German Multimedia Awards or a conference of the "Chaos Computer Club".

Working hours: Tuesdays 15.30 – 17.30 o'clock

Technische Sammlungen Dresden 
Experience workshop
Junghansstraße 1
01277 Dresden


Project Duration: since 2012

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