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CoolCarbonConcrete: Latest workshop delivers concrete approaches to innovative park bench and functionalized carbon concrete wall

  • During the last workshop in the context of the "CoolCarbonConcrete" concrete project approaches were developed from the twelve topics developed during the Innovation Forum in March.

The Cool Silicon e. V. invited on 29.05. 2018 to Dresden for the last workshop and completion of the project "CoolCarbonConcrete" (CCC). The background is the successful application of Cool Silicon e. V. for an Innovation Forum, a funding instrument of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to explore new fields of innovation. The funding initiative "Innovationsforen Mittelstand" encourages stakeholders from industry and science to break the boundaries of institutions and sectors together. Thus, acting as an initial spark for new alliances. The project started on October 1st, 2017.

At the final workshop, in addition to the project team of Cool Silicon e. V. and the C³-Carbon Concrete Composite e. V., a total of 15 representatives from very different fields - for example, from the construction industry, electronics development and software research - took part.

Electronics meets carbon concrete

The CoolCarbonConcrete project offered the partners involved in the R&D and SME sector the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary and innovative field of "electrical and electronic integration in carbon concrete construction" and to find new partners and cooperations during the 9 months of the project in each other's industries. In this way, both existing ideas and research results should be put to implementation in the sense of innovative marketable products and, in addition, new ideas and research areas should be uncovered. The CCC aims to directly support current trends in SmartCity, Industry4.0, Autonomous Driving and related topics.

From idea to project

After the very successful Open Space Innovation Forum in March 2018 , the last workshop was used to transform two topics developed during the forum into concrete project approaches:

Project CoolCityBench 

Park bench made of carbon concrete with the following functionalities:
  • touch-activated heating of the seat and back
  • Integrated LED lighting (daylight sensor, switchable color change)
  • Inductive charging of mobile devices to QI standard
  • Integrated antenna concept for WLAN hotspot 

Project OpenWALL 

Wall elements made of carbon concrete with the following functionalities:

  • Integrated antenna structures that enable the transmission of radio information in different frequency and power ranges as well as appropriate shielding by the switching on and off of elements (modules)  

In order to continue to provide participants and interested parties with information and to enable mutual exchange, the digital information and knowledge platform "" with all results and documents on the project is freely accessible.

Are you interested?

If you (eg SMEs, networks, clusters, research institutes or other interested parties) are interested in the subject of electronics and carbon concrete or in concrete terms in the CoolCityBench or OpenWALL projects, please contact us! 


Stefan Uhlig / Senior Project Manager
Cool Silicon e. V.
Tel: +49 351-8925-802

Matthias Tietze / Strategic Development
Carbon Concrete Composite e. V.

Tel.: +49 351-484 567-18

About CoolCarbonConcrete (CCC)

CoolCarbonConcrete" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the initiative "Innovationsforen Mittelstand" . The Cool Silicon e. V. is leading the project in cooperation with the C³ - Carbon Concrete Composite e. V. With the help of the CoolCarbonConcrete innovation forum, cooperation potentials and project ideas for the integration of micro- and nanoelectronics in carbon concrete will be explored and new functionalities will be pointed out. The interdisciplinary networking between representatives of the construction industry and micro / nanoelectronics thus supports the development of innovative products and services at the interfaces of these two industries. The CoolCarbonConcrete innovation forum offers the participating partners from research and industry the opportunity to develop this interdisciplinary and innovative subject area and to find new partners and cooperations in the other branches. In this way, both existing ideas and research results should be put into practice in the sense of innovative, marketable products and, in addition, new ideas and research areas should be uncovered. Thus, the innovation forum creates a significantly broader knowledge of and insights into the innovation field among the actors involved. Whether new business models for SMEs or the significant expansion of the partner structure at the member level of the participating networks or the permanent cross-linking of Cool Silicon e. V. and Carbon Concrete Composite e. V., the innovation forum CoolCarbonConcrete will not only present approaches, but also form a solid basis.

Further information:  

go to information and knowledge platform " C³-Bauen-Neu-Denken"

BMBF Flyer Innovationsforum CoolCarbonConcrete.pdf (German)


Gallery: Silicon Saxony e. V. / Sven Claus
Circle middle left: Textiles Carbongelege, © Ansgar Pudenz, DZP 2016
Cicrle middle middle: Infineon AG
Circle middle right: ai:L der HTWK Leipzig
Bridge: Dr. Sandra Gelbrich, Professur Strukturleichtbau und Kunststoffverarbeitung, TU Chemnitz