"Innovationsforum for the integration of electrics and electronics in the built environment using the new construction of carbon concrete"

The Cool Silicon e. V. has successfully applied for an innovation forum, a funding instrument of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to explore new areas of innovation. The initiative "Innovationsfor Mittelstand" encourages economic and scientific actors to jointly break the boundaries of institutions and industries and to enter into new alliances.

The project is intended to explore cooperative potentials and project ideas for the integration of micro- and nanoelectronics (eg sensors) in carbon concrete and to show new functionalities.The identification and networking of the relevant actors in the field of innovation "Electrics and electronics integration in carbon concrete" intends to promote and enable the two industries micro / nanotechnology and construction to connect and to collaborate. 

In addition to the market and technology analysis, the project team will, among other things, carry out several workshops in order to identify opportunities for integration as well as to develop a general and exemplary value creation chain. The concluding task will be the conception and implementation of an innovation forum/event, which will bring the potentials of the innovation field CCC closer to the participants and enable the exchange of the actors in future cooperation. 
In particular, the cooperation with the network C3-Carbon Concrete Composite plays an important role and should be intensified within this framework.

CCC offers the participating partners from the R & D and SME sector the opportunity to tap into the new interdisciplinary and innovative topic "Electrical and electronic integration in carbon concrete construction" and to find new partners and cooperations within the other branches. In this way, both existing ideas and research results are to be implemented in the sense of innovative marketable products, and new ideas and fields of research are to be discovered. The CCC Innovation Forum aims to directly support current trends in the areas of SmartCity, Industry4.0, Autonomous Driving and related topics.


Duration: October 2017 - June 2018 

Goal: To explore potential cooperation and project ideas for the integration of micro- and nanoelectronics (eg sensors) in carbon concrete and to show new functionalities 

Areas of action: 

• Industry 4.0 eg networking of machines and simple logistics in factories 

• Future city "Smart City" eg light control, parking systems, control technology 

• Intelligent and efficient transport infrastructure, eg autonomous driving 

• Smart Home, eg heating, lighting, switching 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2018

If you are interested (eg SMEs, networks, clusters, research facilities or other interested parties) please do not hesitate to contact us.

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