iCool – Internationalization of the Leading-edge Cluster Cool Silicon

As a next big step after the leading-edge cluster competition, Cool Silicon e. V. has successfully applied for a new funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In 2016, the project proposal "iCool" was approved positively. Cool Silicon - together with its members - aims at seizing the opportunity to further develop and secure the key technologies for energy efficient electronics  for the region, for Germany, and Europe in the long term. 

In the coming years, the project called "iCool" will push forward the already existent collaboration with our partner clusters Minalogic from Grenoble (France), DSP Valley from Leuven (Belgium) und High Tech NL from Eindhoven (Netherlands).

In addition to the development of an internationalization concept, the main focus of the project is the definition and implementation of at least three technical projects with international partners.

Cool Silicon and the BMBF are hoping for a whole series of positive effects at the international level:  

  • The sensitivity and the results achieved in the context of Cool Silicon in favor of higher energy efficiency of electronics experience international imitators and support.
  • Advances in the energy efficiency of electronics are gaining entry into the system and user industries, thereby multiplying the effects so far. 
  • A national focus with a global outlook is emerging from a nationally positioned topic that has so far been regionalized.
  • The  successfully established co-operation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with large companies as well as with universities and non-university research institutions within the Cool Silicon cluster enables in particular the participating SME's to demonstrate their innovative and competitive potential on international markets.


Duration: 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2018

Goals: Supporting the internationalization activities of our members regarding R&D, increasing the visibility and awareness of Cool Silicon e. V. resulting in new Cool-Services

Partner Regions / Cluster:
Belgium/ DSP Valley; France / Minalogic; Netherlands / High Tech NL


  • Production Systems and Process Technologies
  • Wireless Technologies
  • energyefficient Sensor Systems

The most important job of the further enforced project team is the implementation of three technical project proposals, which are jointly developed with our members.

If we were able to arouse your interest, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Frank Bösenberg, Clustermanager Cool Silicon e. V.


Frank Bösenberg
Cluster Manager Cool Silicon e. V.

+49 (0)351-89 25 800