Current Projects

Project within the scope of the national initiative "Innovationsforen Mittelstand" dealing with "Electrics and electronics integration in carbon concrete"more

Project pushing forward the internationalization of the leading-edge cluster Cool Silicon including three technical projects with international partners.more

Leading-edge Cluster

More than 45 projects have already been accomplished by the members of the Cool Silicon e. V.
Besides an educational project for young talents and an exhibition at the "Technische Sammlungen Dresden" about "Energy as a resource in a digital world", mainly technical projects were realized. 


With the "CoolComputing" project, the leading-edge cluster Cool Silicon layed the foundation for a sustainable solution for the growing demand for computers and devices, enabling the IT industry in the future to optimize not only the computing power of its products, but also its energy efficiency during the design process. 

With the project "CoolRepeater" and the subproject "CoolAmplifier", the Cool Silicon cluster helped to design energy-efficient technologies that are crucial to wireless local area network, modern broadcasting and fast-growing mobile communications. 

Within the area of sensor networks, it could be proved that energy-autarkic sensor nodes are feasable. The work on sensor network solutions marks a further important step towards so called smart materials.