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Smart Systems Integration Conference 2018

Smart Systems Integration is the international communication platform for research institutes and manufacturers to exchange know-how on Smart Systems Integration and to create the basis for successful research cooperations with focus on Europe. The event is part of the activities of EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration.

The Smart Systems Integration Conference and Exhibition serves as a communication platform for academia, research and industry and enables the exchange of know-how in the field of smart systems integration. The conference addresses the application fields of smart systems as well as smart systems themselves, starting from the design via new building blocks for sensing, data processing, actuating, networking, and smart powering up to heterogeneous integration of the different building blocks and manufacturing of the systems. For the first time, a session addresses embedded software – self-X systems. X stands for learning, organizing, adaptive but also for optimizing and repairing.

Conference Topics:


  • Smart mobility
  • Smart health
  • Smart energy
  • Smart society
  • Smart production


  • Design of smart integrated systems
  • Manufacturing of embedded micro and nano systems
  • Advanced micro and nano technologies
  • New materials for nano structures and devices
  • Smart low cost approaches including Roll-to-Roll technologies and printed functionalities
  • Smart test and reliability of components and systems
  • System integration: 3D integration, interconnect technologies and packaging

Software for Smart Integrated Systems

  • Embedded software
  • Distributed embedded systems
  • Self-X systems (learning, organising, optimising, repairing …)
  • Methods of software life cycle (design, test, commissioning)

Business Creation of Smart Systems

  • Market trends
  • Perspectives of smart systems
  • Ecosystems for smart solutions
  • SME success stories

Antje Mörbe (Mesago) info@mesago.com
Dr. Martina Vogel (Fraunhofer ENAS) martina.vogel@enas.fraunhofer.de

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