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Webinar: SmartEEs -Bringing flexible electronics products to life

SmartEES is an original European acceleration program dedicated to help innovative companies to access new markets and grow their business in adopting flexible electronics in new products lines. SmartEEs is organizing an open Call for Application Experiments with the objective of providing support to integrate flexible electronics technologies into advanced products and services.

Project facts

Innovation Action Call: ICT- 04-2017
Topic: Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative
Partners: 10 partners from 8 EU countries
Budget: 4,5M€
Duration: 36 months (2017 – 2020)
Expected results: 20 Application experiments

About SmartEEs

SmartEEs is a European project funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme the aim of which is to help the European Industry reinforce its competitive advantage by providing acceleration support to Innovative Companies for integration of Flexible Electronics Technologies .

SmartEEs is one of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) which are ecosystems that consist of SMEs, large industries, start-ups, researchers, accelerators and investors. They aim at creating the best conditions for long-term business success for all parties involved. They help ensuring that every company, small or large, high-tech or not, can grasp the digital opportunities.

As a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), the project is aligned with the Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative. SAE initiative supports product and service innovation through digital technologies. Currently, the initiative constitutes 8 EU projects and it boasts the following numbers:

  • Total budget of 25M€ 
  • 23 of Europe’s leading competence centres 
  • 11 Member States 
  • 100 user-supplier experiments with 200 SMEs and mid-caps

What to expect from the program

  • more than 35 flexible electronics technologies, such as organic photovoltaics, flexible displays, OLED lighting, electronics & components or integrated smart systems 
  • SmartEEs unique ecosystem composed of leading research organizations, recognized experts in business development and access to funding, as well as more than 34 international clusters, 18 industrial partners and 8 private organizations
  • customized support through a complete set of services from technology to business connections and access to funding beyond SmartEEs acceleration support 

How to apply

  1. Check out the SmartEEs Showroom on the web platform smartees.eu 
  2. Discover & review more than 35 flexible electronics technologies 
  3. Select & identify the technology(ies) that could bring advanced features/functions to your novel product idea 
  4. Download & read SmartEEs guidelines 
  5. Submit your project by email to helpdesk@smartees.eu  
  6. Language accepted: English 

All information about this program: https://smartees.eu 

Webinar to introduce you to SmartEEs / 12.06.2018

Informational webinar during which the application process will be explained.

SmartEEs Webinar

12.06.2018 / 13.00 CEST 
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