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2019 EURIPIDES² / PENTA Synchronised Call

The 2019 EURIPIDES² / PENTA Synchronised Call will be launched on 20 November 2018 at EFECS 2018 at the CCL in Lisbon, stimulating innovative projects along the entire Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) value chain.

It's now time to submit project pitches and posters for EFECS 2018 and find new partners for projects via the ECS Collaboration Tool. The deadline is on 1 November 2018.

Do not forget to mark your calendars for the Synchronised Call Project Outlines (PO) submission date of 1 March 2019. Project must be submitted via the PENTA/EURIPIDES² Project Zone.


PENTA targets trans-national innovation supporting National priorities in micro and nanoelectronics enabled systems and applications. EURIPIDES² focuses on smart electronic systems and smart systems intergration from components to systems.


For the first time, three European industry associations - AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS - representing large companies, SMEs, universities and research institutes from across the entire Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) value chain have joined together to produce a common Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 2018. This common framework for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) identifies 10 chapters which addresses the 5 essential capabilities required to meet the 5 key application needs. This ECS-SRA 2018 drives the PENTA & EURIPIDES² programmes in the following focus areas:  

Key application areas

  • Transport and Smart Mobility 
  • Health and Well-Being 
  • Energy 
  • Digital Industry 
  • Digital Life

Essential capabilities

  • Systems and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration 
  • Connectivity and Interoperability 
  • Safety, Security and Reliability 
  • Computing and Storage 
  • ECS Process, Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing

PENTA and EURIPIDES² seek to support the creation of partnerships along the Electronics Components and Systems value chain, enabling the transition from research to commercial exploitation (TRL 2-8).

For any assistance with all of these processes, please contact the PENTA / EURIPIDES² team.

2019 EURIPIDES² / PENTA Synchronised Call